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Beloved local family loses home in house fire - how you can help

On Monday night a beloved Stanwell Park family lost their home in a devastating house fire. Rod & Shelly Morgan could only look on as the massive blaze engulfed their home on Sheridan Crescent, leaving them no time to save their belongings. The family is safe, including 10 week old puppy, Ace, who roused them in the middle of the night.

The 2508 community has rallied in spectacularly co-ordinated fashion, donating clothes, toiletries and homewares to the stricken family, so much so that after just 12 hours organisers respectfully asked people to stop donating, because they are running out of room to store it all!

Instead, there is a PayPal account setup that deposits donations directly into the family's account. Here's how:

Log in to PayPal

Click Send

Enter this email address:

Enter the amount you would like to donate

This way, every cent will go directly towards getting the family back on their feet after this tragic loss.

On behalf of all Coalcliff members: our thoughts are with you now and throughout your recovery.

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