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Welcome to everyone who has joined our Club, especially the new members

To register go to our Membership page.


How Nippers works:

1. Nippers is held on a fortnightly basis on Sunday mornings normally. Point score will be 4 times per season.  Dates to be confirmed by the Nipper Captain.  See our Blog for all Nipper dates.

2. Time. All starting at 09:30 AM  - beginning with a short address to children & parents in front of boatshed.

3. Age Groups. (Refer Paragraph 11 for points for 6-7 year olds) The official point score is for Under 8's to Under 14's, with the age group determined by what age the child is turning between the 1st October and 30th September; eg If your child turns 8 between these dates, then he or she will be in the Under 8s.

4. Age Managers. These people are identified by a red singlet with age group written on the back. All children must report to their age manager before an event to have their name marked off. 
Some Age Groups are very large so the age managers will need the help of all parents in organising the kids.

5. Club Meetings. Committee meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm at the clubhouse for both Junior & Seniors. 

6. Caps and Costumes. All Nippers competitors MUST wear a club cap and the pink rash vest during point scores and any competition. For water events it is a VITAL and a REQUIRED safety procedure. This is a safety initiative mandated by Surf Life Saving Australia for all competitors. Club cossies are optional but must be worn if competing at carnivals. Club cossies and caps can be purchased before (up to 9.25 am) and after Nippers at the clubhouse. 

7. Point score Events 
Beach Sprints                   All ages 
Beach Flags                      All ages 
Wade (waters edge)       U6 to U14
Board Race (surf)            U9 to U14
Surf Swim Race               U9 to U14
Pool Swim Race               U8 only 
Sprint, Board & Swim events may be handicapped. In the event of surf conditions being unsafe (as determined by the Patrol Captain on the day) all swim and board races will be held in the pool. 

8. Points Accumulation 
1st Place                        5 points 
2nd Place                      4 points 
3rd Place                       3 points 
4th Place                       2 points 
5th & others                  1 point 

9. Wet Days. In the event of uncertain weather conditions, a decision will be made at 8.00am at the beach as to whether point score will be held. If point score is cancelled, make sure children's names are marked off with their age manager for ATTENDANCE. 
Please check our website as 
cancellation details will be posted as early as possible. 

10. Surf Ed. This is the educational part of Nippers. Beginning with simple things such as the meaning of flags and progressing to resuscitation and lifesaving skills, this part of surf lifesaving must be taken seriously. Each age group between U8 and U14 has material to learn in order to gain the appropriate progressive certificates. To be eligible for a medallion or trophy, each Nipper must have competed in 7 of the 10 point scores. It is most important that names are marked off irrespective of placings. 

11. Trophies. End of season trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd (male and female) for overall point score while other eligible Nippers will receive a trophy or medal for participation. Again this season, if a Nipper doesn't win an overall point score trophy, he or she may still win an award if they place in either the water or beach section. An Encouragement Award will be won in each age group (male and female) for the Nipper who puts in the most effort overall.

Other Main Trophies 

Highest Overall Point score                     (Male OR Female) 
Most Outstanding Nipper                       (Male AND Female) 
Most Outstanding Water Nipper            (Male OR Female) 
Carnival Point score 1st, 2nd, 3rd          (Male AND Female) 
Most Improved Carnival Competitor     (Male OR Female) 
Junior Club Person                                  (Male OR Female) 
Water Encouragement Award                (Male OR Female) 

Note: In accordance with Illawarra Branch Policy, no points tally will be kept for U6s and U7s. Each child will receive a medallion if they attend 8 of the 11 point scores. 

Carnivals are interclub competitions either within Illawarra Branch or against other Branches. Illawarra has 4 carnivals throughout summer at various beaches between Shellharbour and Stanwell Park. There is also the McDonalds Invitational Carnival, Sydney Water, the Branch Championships and the State Titles. Competition is held in the same events as at Club Point score but also includes relays, rescues and March-past. In the past Coalcliff has excelled at Illawarra Carnivals. ANY Nipper wishing to attend please let your Age Manager know, so they can give you proficiency details. They must be proficient before they can compete in carnivals, the pre carnival proficiency will be held at Coalcliff Pool in October during Nippers. Any carnival competitor who cannot make it to the Coalcliff pool please contact the Nipper captain, they are happy for you to do your proficiency on the first day at Nippers in the afternoon, or possibly another day later in the week. The first carnival is T.B.A. so it is important for any competitors to be proficient before then. 

Proficiency details: Junior Competition Skill Evaluation 
Timed Pool Swim: Run-Swim-Run

U8                                       N/A         N/A 
U9 200m pool swim          6min       50m-50m-50m 
U10 200m pool swim        6min       50m-50m-50m 
U11 200m pool swim        5min       50m-100m-50m 
U12 200m pool swim        5min       50m-100m-50m 
U13 200m pool swim        5min       100m-100m-100m 
U14 200m pool swim        5min       100m-100m-100m 

13. Parents - Nippers is all about making friends, team spirit, water safety, healthy competition, enthusiasm and enjoyment. We have one of the biggest Nipper memberships in the Illawarra so we need the CONSTANT help of parents on Nipper and Carnival days. We are always looking for new ideas to improve Coalcliff Surf Lifesaving Club so please don't hesitate to let us know if you can help or if there are any problems you wish to discuss. 

If you are performing any role in the Club that involves working with Children you will need to complete a child protection declaration.

Could all prior age managers as well as any other parents wishing to assist as age managers or any other role, please contact the Nippers Captain prior to the first Nippers. Due to the large number of Nippers we would like to ensure there are enough parents to help.

Wishing all our Nippers and their families a safe and enjoyable season. 

Nipper Captain

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